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Who are we

LEBTRON is a Lebanese company specialized in designing, developing and providing beneficial smart tech products and solutions tackling the points of pain in the community. Located in Lebanon, LEBTRON’s main purpose is to boost the Lebanese electronic manufacturing industry by locally completing all production phases of its product. LEBTRON plans to build a strong market due to the partners’ industry experience, connections, and a sum of significant advantages over its competition in the area. LEBTRON aims to offer its products at a competitive low price to meet the middle to lower income local market.

The Team

LEBTRON is owned and managed by two partners, Mr. Elie Massoud - CEO and Mr. Adam - CTO. Both Partners have more than 10 years of experience in the field of technology, electronic prototyping and software. Most importantly the partners have a good personal relation and are dedicated to the success of LEBTRON.

What do we provide!

Mobile Apps

LEBTRON will put you in front of your customers on devices they access most. Our ability to develop mobile apps on all platforms (IOS, Android, Windows...) will make it easier for you to connect with your audience.

Web / Desktop Apps

We vow to design, build and deploy professional, cutting edge and cost-effective websites and desktop applications that will serve as a boost to your business sales and customer retention.

Custom Electronics

From conceptualization to mass production, LEBTRON carries your product through the entire development cycle. Our clients not only receive electronic engineering services, but also a competitive product to lease and sell in their target markets.

Technical Solution Consultation

At LEBTRON we utilize state-of-the-art technology, design software and best industry practices to assist you in developing the proper plan for your business and automation requirements. We will cost effectively build your automated system to your specifications that will shorten your production times.

Smart Home Automation

LEBTRON designs and manufactures custom automation equipment for a wide range of customers. Our team of expert engineers use the latest technologies to develop creative and cost effective automation solutions for all your needs – from small electronics to full automation plan.

System Engineering

LEBTRON will be responsible for managing and monitoring all installed systems and infrastructure of our customers. LEBTRON will be also accounted for installation, configuration, testing and maintaining operating systems, and application software and system management tools.

Why Hire Us...